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10 Things You Should Never, Ever Share On Social Media

There’s sharing...and then there’s oversharing on social media. What you do on your private pages and share between close friends and family is not what you should be doing for your public persona.

Here are the top 10 things that you definitely shouldn’t be sharing on social media. Some of them seem obvious but you’d be surprised by what’s been shared in the past.

  1. Party photos: sure, you were 5 "kombuchas" deep and having a good time but that’s not really the image you want to project to your potential customers, is it?

  2. Personal conversations: these are personal for a reason and the other party likely won’t appreciate you breaking their trust

  3. Social plans: not only is it not anyone’s business what you do on your off time, it’s also important that you maintain a distinct line between your work and your personal life

  4. Linking your personal account to your work account: this is just setting yourself up for embarrassing gaffes like mistakenly posting personal information or sharing those party photos with your followers

  5. Company information: transparency is good but over sharing details or private info is not

  6. Your personal address and phone number: self-explanatory

  7. Personal finance information: even more self-explanatory

  8. Embarrassing photos: these are for you to laugh over with friends or your grandmother, not with your clients

  9. Ingenuine content: the fastest way to discredit yourself and tarnish your reputation is to pass off someone else’s content as yours, or to share content that is not true or well-researched

  10. Negative comments about someone else: if you wouldn’t say it to their face, maybe you shouldn’t be saying it at all


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