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Ego and Insecurity…Two of the Greatest Landmines of Effective Leadership

Humble Authenticity is the Beginning of Great Leadership…

Do you know that two of the greatest detriments to effective leadership are ego and insecurity? Nothing can poison humble authenticity faster than a mindset where the selfishness of ego and insecurity dominates the mind.

When the value of others becomes insignificant in relation to how you view yourself, your mindset has gone from a “we” to a “me” mentality. Truly authentic leaders always give more and care more about others than themselves. So, where do you fit into the picture?

Real tribal leadership is built around consensus. If you value the thoughts and opinions of others in a genuine fashion, they will naturally gravitate toward your leadership.

We can look no further than the Bible to see evidence of this…time and time again. Jesus demonstrated how he valued all mankind above his own life when he died on the cross for our sins…paying the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live with him in eternity. Through this incredibly unselfish act of love…one that we are incapable of getting our heads around, he broke the band of sin. His life on earth was a pattern of leadership that we can emulate to success.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 NLT

Practice humility in all that you do…others will take note and value your leadership ability. Be intentional about following this path to success.

Authentic leaders give their team the credit rather than boasting of their own accomplishments. Authentic leaders are risk takers…ready and willing to push the envelope. Authentic leaders always admit when they make a mistake.

Humility, consensus, risk taking, value in others…all are essential elements of authentic leaders.

Are you ready to allow humble authenticity to bring about empowered leadership in your own life? Are you ready to live in the unstoppable world of “we” or are you still caught up in the poor world of “me”? It is your choice.

Yours in Success & Spiritual Empowerment...


Martin is the founder and chief visionary for Urban 62 Marketing which is focused on the art of crafting persuasive marketing copy. For more about his company or to reach out to Martin you can contact him at When Martin is not crafting the latest in persuasive marketing copy for the fitness industry, he might be found sharing down time with his wife, Judy, where they will be engaging in high performance fitness training, hiking, skiing or exploring their newest passion...learning the art of photography.

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