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A Year’s Worth Of Blog Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Blogging is becoming more and more popular as small businesses realize that it is one of the most valuable and affordable marketing weapons. It is relatively easy to increase both visibility and your business’s reputation as an expert with this marketing tool.

The trouble is figuring out what to write on your business blog - you might spend more time trying to come up with a smart topic than you do actually writing the post. But luckily, we’ve got you covered. Pick the ideas you like the most, then copy and paste them into your blog content calendar. That way you don’t waste critical time brainstorming ideas. Time is money, after all!

If you can aim to write and publish a post once a week (and you’re onboard with all of these ideas), you now have a full year’s worth of content.

Here are 52 small business blog topics that you might want to consider:

  1. Who are you?

  2. What is your business?

  3. Why are you or your business so important for the readers or potential customers?

  4. Show the people on your team who are behind the company.

  5. Explain what problems your business solves and how

  6. Share interviews with some of your most satisfied customers.

  7. Interview another entrepreneur

  8. Share your goals for the year or season

  9. Write what you do to overcome a rough patch

  10. Share a music playlist

  11. Write a post about the entrepreneurs who have inspired or influenced you

  12. Look back on one of your biggest successes

  13. Share a sneak peek of what you are currently working on

  14. Explain your niche to someone who doesn’t know what you do

  15. Write a letter to your childhood self

  16. Write about the best teacher you’ve ever had

  17. Share the value your products and services provide. Remember, you’re speaking to your readers so rather than just stating the features, talk about the benefits.

  18. Give the top 10 reasons why your readers should follow you on Instagram.

  19. Give the top 10 reasons why your readers should follow you on Facebook.

  20. Give the top 10 reasons why your readers should follow you on Twitter.

  21. Give the top 10 reasons why your readers should follow you on Pinterest.

  22. Tell your readers about a charity that you support and why

  23. Put together a list of your favorite blog posts from the previous year

  24. Post photos of your inspiration boards

  25. Post a list of things that inspire you or bring you joy

  26. Write about something that happened in the news (but stay away from anything too controversial or hot-button topics)

  27. Make a list of your favourite apps

  28. Share photos of your fashion or style

  29. Write about your hobbies and if/how they influence your work

  30. Write about your most memorable networking experiences (and networking tips if you have them)

  31. Write about your most meaningful vacation

  32. Write about a historical event

  33. Create a list of your all-time favorite quotes

  34. Share your biggest failure(s) and what you learned from the experience

  35. Compare two pros in your industry

  36. Review a book

  37. Write about the most important lessons you have learned in business

  38. Share a complete “how-to” that uses a combination of words, images, and videos so any reader can clearly understand and see what you’re doing.

  39. Explore a hard truth

  40. Share a long list of your ideas, such as “101 Things That Motivate Me”, “84 Inspirational Quotes”

  41. Share trends you regret following

  42. Put together and share video interviews with happy customers.

  43. Share a video of one of your public speaking events

  44. Demonstrate how your product solves a problem(s).

  45. Share a list of problems that your customers have.

  46. Publish a list of solutions that solve your customer’s problems.

  47. Create several types of tutorial posts connected with your industry.

  48. Answer some of your most frequently asked questions. You can even ask your customers or readers to send you questions leading up to this.

  49. How will your customers benefit from building a strong relationship with you and your business?

  50. Ask a question on your social media platforms and write a post sharing the different answers you collect.

  51. Find a product (that isn’t related to your business) that you think is worthwhile and useful for your clients, and write a review.

  52. Do a humble brag and share some of your business’s most important achievements to date

If you want to take things a little further, try embedding a survey into each post. Ask questions and encourage readers to comment on your posts and get them excited about being able to interact and share their points of view.


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