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10 Traits that Define an Outstanding Entrepreneur


There is no easy way to define an entrepreneur. Each one is unique. Entrepreneurs are among men and women, young and old. They are from a variety of educational, cultural and economic backgrounds. Their motivations are their own. But, for all of their differences, all entrepreneurs share certain traits that are impossible to ignore. Whether they had a desire to be a visionary, or a natural inclination - entrepreneurs are visionaries. Whether their passion was born into them, or cultivated - they’re people of passion. Entrepreneurs have the ambition, drive and talent necessary to take an idea and use it to either disrupt legacy markets or define new ones. Why? Because they must. With all of these incredible beings, how do you stand out among them? How will you be noticed as the talent, leader and entrepreneur that you are?

Here are 10 characteristics that define an outstanding entrepreneur:

  1. Be confident. When you believe in yourself and what you do, then you can create what you envision. You are not afraid of obstacles. Confidence can give you a sort of supernatural power that generates an aura of trust, makes you irresistible and instills a belief in others that you have the power to overcome the world.

  2. Know your motives. Why do you do what you do? Do you live your purpose? Knowing your motivation helps to keep you going and allows you to simplify your message to others.

  3. Be kind to everyone. Most people are only nice when they need something from others. Stand out by treating the ones who cannot do anything for you in return, as if they are just as important and interesting as the ones who can.

  4. Be passionate. A passion for life is naturally attractive and inspiring to others.

  5. Be a team player. Make others look and sound good. When you are able to collaborate well, then people remember how you made them feel. When people feel good when they are around you, then you stand out.

  6. Be responsible. Always follow through. Be accountable for your actions. Even if you make a mistake it is better to admit it and be honest. When you drop the ball, don’t be afraid to pick it back up, apologize and keep moving forward.

  7. Listen. When you listen to others you can understand them. You will stand out because you have an ability to listen from your heart and make people feel like what they are saying is important.

  8. Be fearless. Ask for feedback from others and learn as much as you can about everything that you do. Know your strengths so that you can express them. Know your weaknesses so that you don’t forget them.

  9. Make your life your message. Everything that you do should be your message or your purpose in business. This should be reflected in your family life, your professional life and your social life. When you show up, how do you act? What do you say? What do you do? How do you dress? These are all reflections of who you are, so your character and your spirit must be consistent in every situation.

  10. Be conscious. Prayer, faith and belief in God are all important factors of consciousness. Nothing is more powerful than a well-developed sense of spirituality.

Great things can happen when you set yourself up to be noticed in the right ways. Practice these 10 traits and you will not only stand out in the crowd, you will likely travel far beyond it.


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